Knowvember! " Knowledge is Power"

⏭ Sneak Peak of "KNOWVEMBER" 

A.P Equine & Canine will providing bitesize nuggets of Equine Anatomy throughout November or as we have aptly renamed it...... "Knowvember" πŸ˜œ 

The aim of "Knowvember" is to help expand horse owners knowledge through bite size user friendly information. 

As Sir Francis Bacon said: "Knowledge is power" and this could never be more true within the equestrian industry. Let's help kick away the myths and old traditions and use more factual objective knowledge to nurture our choices as equestrians. 

New bitesize info will be released twice a week through November so make sure to follow our page to keep in the loop: β˜ΊοΈ

Take a look at our next post for a sneak preview of content to come. 

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Amanda Purchas