Throughout Amanda's degree study she has developed a keen interest in equestrain research with a key focus on the horse and rider dyad. Having already presented her research at the Alltech Confernce 2013 & 2017 Amanda hopes to take her research to the next level with the aim of publishing her work in scientific journals by 2019. Amanda's future aims include collating and combining her MSc research with a sister study completed by a fellow practitioner Lauren Rowe to provide further insight into the influence of the rider on the horse and vice versa. As well as carrying out self-funded research into Rider handedness and Pressure Algometry whilst maintaining her involvement in the McTimoney Animal Association Research Group.  

Regular research is posted on our blog.

BSc (Hons) Research 

An investigation into saddle design and its influence on rider lower leg position when using the light seat.

MSc Research 

Due to the size of the original MSc research project the original piece will eventually be split into the following two titles....

the potential effect of equine brachiocephalicus muscle tenderness on FORELIMB kinematics


rider handedness and its potential INFLUence on the mnt's of a FORELIMB protractor muscle.