Canine Case Study - Boogie the Whippet

Everyone meet Boogie the 11yo, Whippet!

๐ŸถBoogies Story:

In early 2017 poor Boogie was involved in a road traffic accident after running off and chasing after a deer. Unfortunately this led to Boogie being hit by a car, flung up into the air and landing on the side of the verge. Despite being bloodied and in shock, Boogie was conscious and able to move. He was then rushed to the vets where he had a fully body XRAY which established miraculously that Boogie had sustained no breaks or fractures. However, Boogie did sustain several deep wounds including one to his elbow that took 2 months to heal due to various complications.

After 3 months Boogie was signed off by the vet. However, despite being fully healed and signed off for the injury Boogie was still suffering from intermittent lameness, muscle tremors and episodes of temporary paralysis. Poor Boogie would also scream when his left side (Side of collision) was touched and would no longer lie down on the left. With veterinary routes exhausted Boogies owner contacted A.P Equine and Canine to see if chiropractic intervention could help. Given the previous veterinary intervention and the nature of Boogies injury it was deemed an appropriate route.

โ–ถ๏ธOur Visit:

After gaining veterinary consent A.P Equine and Canines Animal Chiropractor, Amanda made a visit to Boogie. Within the first few minuets of meeting Boogie it was very clear he was in a lot of discomfort and was very anxious. Despite being very nervous Boogie behaved impeccably allowing for Amanda to make a full assessment and treat. Within the assessment many significant misalignments starting from the neck to the pelvis were identified with secondary muscle spasms in his shoulder, neck and latter back musculature, along with areas of fascia restriction on the left shoulder and region of the elbow. Once the chiropractic issues where addressed Boogie settled down allowing Amanda to work on the soft tissue concerns and even had a snooze mid treatment! After completing the first treatment Boogies owner was advised a period of rest and recuperation for Boogie. It was highly likely that due to the chronic and complicated nature of Boogies case that recovery and response would be slow thus, a course of treatments was arranged.

โ–ถ๏ธPost treatment:

Very often after treatments animals become quite tired and sedate howeverโ€ฆโ€ฆ Boogie thought otherwise! Less than a couple of hours after the treatment Boogie was acting like a "new dog" (owners words) and refused to come in from playing outside. Once he did come in and was encouraged to settle down Boogie happily laid down on his bad side without screaming or whimpering. Although, improvement was anticipated, given the level of asymmetry present and its chronic nature it was expected that his recovery would be very gradual. Hence, the surprise at such a quick response!

Since Amanda's first visit, Boogie has continued to improve with regular treatments and even seems to look forward to the process, often settling him self on the sofa and falling asleep throughout the treatment! Boogie is now almost back to normal and is much happier in himself and is even out for his big walks around the Forest of Dean again!

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๐Ÿ”ดAnimal Chiropractic DOES NOT replace veterinary intervention however, its application post injury and throughout the rehabilitation process can be highly beneficial to the animals recovery. A.P Equine & Canine always works with the consent of verterinary surgeons to ensure the animal receives appropriate care and thus, ensuring all aspects of the animals welfare is upheld.

The above case study was compiled with the consent of Boogies owner and permission was granted to use the attached photos.